Working with resin.

I love to craft. I also love to learn new crafts too. One particular craft that caught my attention recently was resin, mainly epoxy resin. I love it. It is such a rewarding craft to do and what you can do with it is only stopped by your imagination. I will add some photos so you can see just a few things I’ve made, successfully. As you can imagine there’s been a few fails as I am still very new to this.

I had a go at using UV resin, but I’m not so impressed with how this cures. Yes, one of the best things about UV is the fact that you can have your creation ready in around a couple of minutes if using a UV light, or around 30 mins if left in the sun light, but you have to be careful that it has cured all the way through and that it isn’t sticky. I have had a lot of fails with UV so I have opted to use epoxy as I really like the results.

Here are some photos of things that I’ve made so far.

Initial keyrings, each one has had something added to the resin.

Another reason why I like epoxy resin is the fact you can add so many things with it to decorate it or colour it. So far I’ve added alcohol inks, mica powder, glitter, pigment dyes, polymer clay sprinkles, acrylic scatter crystals, sand and there’s so much more to try out too.

So what is epoxy resin? I’ll let Wikipedia explain that one

I have tried several different brands of resin just so I can find one that suits me. Some are more expensive than others.

When I first started I bought the cheapest resin I could as I didn’t want to spend too much incase resin wasn’t a craft for me, fortunately it was so I started to look in to different brands.

I do recommend that if you’re thinking about doing resin craft then research the type of resin you should be using. There are several kinds for different projects. I use art resin which is suitable for making jewellery, to use in molds and various other things. I buy my resin either from Amazon or Ebay, I have also bought from companies that specialise in resin too. As I’ve already said, there are so many different brands, it pays to shop around.

The current resin I am trying out. This is from ebay

As well as the all important resin, there are a few other things you’ll need and these are, in my opinion, as important as the resin.

Firstly you’re going to want containers to mix your resin in. I use silicone jugs as I have found these to be the best for cleaning. I have tried plastic but couldn’t get that as clean. I avoid using disposable things as it can get expensive, it’s wasteful and not at all environmentally friendly. I also know a lot of people use the cheap plastic jugs because they are flimsy so that once the resin has cured, you can squeeze the jug and the resin will come out, but because I have arthritis in my hands I wouldn’t be able to squeeze them. It is completely up to you and what you prefer doing and using.

This is the larger silicone jug I use, this was from Amazon.
The smaller silicone jugs I use, this is a pack of 8 I got from Amazon.

Some other things that I use every time when working with resin are, silicone stirring sticks, wooden tounge depressers for mixing, a heat gun for getting rid of bubbles, a very important piece of equipment is a ventilation mask, as epoxy can be dangerous if it’s breathed in and it can smell a bit too. Another very important thing is to to always wear gloves, nitrile ones are the type recommended for resin work. All of these things can be found on either Amazon or Ebay.

Disposable gloves, shop around to find the best price.
Tounge depressers for stirring.
The heat gun I have, shop around to find one that suits you
This is the mask I use, again look around to find one that works best for you.

Along with all the items I have already mentioned, there are quite a few things that I use to decorate my epoxy. The first I want to talk about are alcohol inks. These are fantastic for colouring your resin as well as doing amazing designs. I have the ones pictured. I have tried cheaper ones, which work too. There are lots of YouTube videos showing how to use them to get the best results.

The set that I have bought, this was from Amazon.

Mica powders are another of my favourites to decorate the resin. They come in lots of different colours and are affordable too. The effects that you get from mica powder are gorgeous.

The set I have, from Amazon.

Glitter is another thing that I use a lot, it just gives the most stunning results and the best thing is, it’s securley set within the resin, so it won’t get everywhere, let’s face it, glitter is lovely to look at, but a nightmare to clean up. You can use any brand or type of Glitter you want, I have a modest sized selection of different colours and textures that I use.

A set that I got off Amazon.

Molds are something that you will be using too if you are planning to use resin to make 3D things, like jewellery, paperweights or coasters for example. I now have a good amount of different molds all made from silicone. Shop about to find the ones that suit you, there are lots about. You can also use the silicone baking molds, the ones used to bake cakes in. Here’s a few of the ones I have.

Photo from Ebay site.

There is just so much you can do with resin, and it is lots of fun making beautiful and unusual designs. I really do enjoy resin craft and coming up with unique pieces.

If you are thinking about starting resin, please research as much as you can, there are lots of fantastic information videos and tutorials on YouTube.

Thanks so much for reading, I know it’s a rather lengthy blog post and it’s taking a while to get it done. I will add a separate blog with more of my resin work so you can see what I’ve been making.

Published by Nic Ann

I live in Somerset, UK, with my husband and sons. In my spare time, I enjoy doing crafts, namely quilling, and Clay wor., I've recently started resin work too with epoxy resin. I will be showing my work on this site, with links to my Facebook page and my Etsy shop.

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